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Program Design


What is an Ally?

"Help your brother's boat across and your own will reach the shore."

Who Qualifies


Executive-level decision makers and business owners.


People that have a give, serve, abundance mindset with a trustworthy character.


People that are willing to mentor and be mentored in a collaborative process.

What They’re Saying

Great discussions, and good sharing of personal experiences. There is a willingness to be helpful and share.

I enjoyed the camaraderie and truly consider members of my group friends and qualified partners.


Membership dues are paid up-front, prior to starting a given six-month round. If you wish to hold your spot, for an upcoming round, and you are currently not a member, a non-refundable deposit will be required. Please see a representative for further details.

Round Membership


Round Membership


with completed “EYI Training”

Annual Membership (2 Rounds)


Annual Membership (2 Rounds)


with completed “EYI Training”

*Credit cards are accepted through our online portal with an additional 3% merchant fee.

"Expand Your Influence" Training Q&A

Why do we incentivize our members to take this relationship training?

 A: Because business is about relationships… 

We all like to do business with those we know, like, trust, and value. Therefore, one focus of Ally Group is the development in our members of greater relational influence, or what we like to call “refluence.” We believe that this form of influence—different than the authoritative type of influence inherent to leadership—is underused in the business world, yet has the potential to eliminate many of the time-grabbing, stress-inducing “people problems” executives face. We believe that the more business leaders are able to move the fulcrum in our dealings—through skills training and practice—from authoritative to relational influence, the more our associates and employees will volunteer things that cannot be forced (creativity, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, etc.), the more joy and well-being we will experience, and the more business success we will ultimately achieve.

B: Because “many hands make lighter work”… 

When Ally Group members are armed with similar relationship goals, a shared vernacular, and a mutual agreement to welcome guidance from each other—all achievable through the EYI Training—growth in these goals accelerates and the quest of creating more effective and fulfilling “default behavior” becomes a lot more fun.

Why does the EYI training focus primarily on personal relationships?

A: Because a happy family life is the highest result of all ambition… 

As much as the thoughts and energies of executives are centered around business success, if we are to learn from individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness or in their last moments of life, it is nature of personal relationships—especially those we find difficult—that actually matters most to us as humans. As we all know, personal relationships are the greatest source of both our angst and joy. Not having figured out how to improve the hurting or neglected ones because we’ve been too distracted with business or other concerns would likely be our biggest regret about how we lived our life. The opposite would also be true. Therefore, we feel that a membership in Ally Group will more likely result in heightened well-being for our members (which is our goal) if we give attention to the greatest source of human well-being—deeply fulfilling personal relationships. 

B: Because family relationships offer the most opportunity for practice…

It is apparent that many executives find their personal relationships more difficult to navigate than their business relationships. It is a distressing fact of human nature that we often treat worst, those we love best. Our position at Ally Group is this: With a focus solely on business matters, improving personal relationships is easily squeezed out, diminishing access to joy. With a focus on improving relationship skills, however, we will end up with better relationships, greater joy, and much more time and energy for business.  

Why do our lives continue much the same after we attend trainings or read books?

A: Because external motivation is a fickle friend… 

Most trainings include only one or two of the numerous components necessary to create new patterns. Leave one component out and despite the quality or number of trainings, lasting and deeply satisfying change will most likely not result. We have designed the EYI training to encompass each of these components…including the continual reinforcement and follow-up that happens in the deep-dive sessions through the rounds.






Can you tell me a little about the training?

The “Expand Your Influence” training was developed by Ally Group’s co-founder, Heather Linchenko, a.k.a. “The Relationship Scientist.” It is based on a portion of the contents of her book entitled, “I Meant Well” And Other Words That Kill Relationships (available on Amazon or at

The training is done in small groups (5-15 participants) to promote a collaborative atmosphere where beyond what is learned from the facilitator, the participants can learn from each other. 

The first portion of the day is devoted to making shifts in thought patterns so that more effective action can more easily become the new default. The second half builds on this foundation with specific “how-to” solutions and practice!

Lunch is provided. Plan for a full day to have your soul stretched and prepare your relationships for the new-and-improved you.



Are You a Good Fit?